Broken Shoes for Wednesday Lunch: nytimes

Ayer al final no pude meter zapatillas destrozadas en el blog, asik meto un articulo del NYTimes.

"MOST sports equipment is designed to be functional first, stylish second. For skateboarders, and their shoes, this pattern is often reversed. Skateboarders know that they will quickly destroy their footwear, but still don’t always seek shoes that are indestructible. They are usually on the hunt for lightweight shoes that look cool, even if they are sure to be shredded in a month or less. Price tags of $60 or more do not seem to deter them.  (...)

pd: me voy jueves y viernes a Cartagena a ver un astillero, el blog se quedara fermentando.

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karlitros said...

NO paras de moverte hermano, jajja.

ra. said...

gran viaje viejo:=) nos hemos metido en los submarinos viendo y tocando todo