Steve Gubin. notpoolbutdownhill.

Yours truly skateboarding downhill circa 1976, somewhere near California State University, Northridge. I was first and foremost a surfer, and although I did skate, I had a certain contempt for those who jumped aboard the skateboard bandwagon. I was never part of the Zephyr crew, though I did rub shoulders with them and knew some of the lesser knowns peripherally. I lived in Brentwood at the time, and often surfed the POP pier, though not The Cove of Dogtown fame. Being a goofy footer I preferred the lefts that would sometimes peel off the north side of POP on a low tide and a south swell. This photo was taken by the late Bruce Gilbert, a fellow Journalism student at Cal State Northridge. I was writing a piece about skateboarding for The Daily Sundial and Bruce helped me get some pictures for the article. I was more of a bank and downhill slalom skater than a pool skater. When I skated I wanted it to be as close to surfing as possible.

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