experiencias plasmadas.

"Imagine what these would be worth today… they were all ridden to oblivion on the streets of Copenhagen…Note: I have mixed feelings about people who collect old skateboards. Of course it's important to preserve iconic boards for future generations of skaters etc., but when you get all anal about it and spend thousands of dollars on boards that are still shrinkwrapped etc., it's pretty sad.Think of all the beautiful old cars that some people buy, sometimes spending millions of dollars, only to store them in climate-controlled environments, and never drive. Now that's just plain wrong.Hey, sorry for the rant - I'm guilty, too; I have a red Santa Cruz Jeff Grosso on my kitchen wall :-) "

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PiranhA said...

uohhhhh k peasooo de caballero uoohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
por cierto ra voy a mirar oara un tenel k tiene kuarter si mi colega trae camara examos fotos sino tengo una de la revista pro model del mismo sitio ya te direee

ra. said...

ok alex! mandame info y hacemos una entrada de ese spot, ya m contaras!